Our Principals

Mid-Atlantic Microwave Sales, Inc. is a trusted representative of the following manufacturers and suppliers:


Applied Engineering, Inc.
RFI/EMI Shielded Enclosures, Shielded and Non-Shielded Anechoic Chambers, Turn-key Installations, Relocations and Modifications.

Cobham Antenna Systems

Cobham Antenna Systems
Antennas from 500 MHz to 40GHz, Local Loop, Flat Panel, Low Profile, Sector Antennas, Omni’s

Directional Microwave and Millimeter Products: ferrites, control devices, frequency converters, passive devices antennas, oscillators, Electromechanical Switches


Directional Couplers, Hybrids, Russell Power Dividers, Detectors, Terminations, 2.0-50Ghz.

Mercury Systems

Mercury Systems
1MHz-30 MHz, low noise (narrow & broadband) Limiting amplifiers, Broadband multi-octave and Ultra Broadband amplifiers, Medium power amplifiers up to 5 watts, low phase noise amplifiers, LNA’s, Power, GaN

Q Microwave

Q Microwave
RF, Multiplexers, Switch Filters


Rodelco Electronics Corp.
Amplifiers, Control Components (Pin Diode switches and attenuators), Sources, Converters, Receivers & Integrated Microwave Assemblies


Massachusetts Bay Technologies
RF Microwave Components 100Hz up to and including milimeter wave. Silicon RF/Microwave semiconductor diodes-aprubt tuning varactors, step recovery diodes, low & high power PIN diodes, limiter diodes, point contact mixer/detector and Schottky, custom and discontinued diodes. Silicon MIS, MIC, Binary chip capacitors, Silicon resistors,AIN thin film attenuator pad, Spiral inductors HI-REL testing. Approvals: ISO 9001:2008,MIL-STD-750, MIL-PRF-19500